January 19, 2021


The purpose of the Center for Political Innovation (CPI) is a think-tank, focused on developing actuated domestic and foreign policy in the United States of America. Utilizing proven methodology involving socialist ideological principles and fact-based empirical research to illuminate the best course of action for the political climate and challenges of the 21st Century. Our objective is to establish the foundations of a new and dynamic American Socialism, for the benefit of people both at home and abroad.

To live-up to those principles, we have accumulated an extensive array of knowledge from a number of innovative thinkers, and continue to forward our understanding of socio-economic and political democracy in order to foster the development of a better, and brighter future.

Regarding the future of the CPI, it is our intention to maintain a talented research board for the development of future inroads toward actuated public policy here in the United States. This plan will include the establishment of our own academic journal for the publication of our ideas and solutions to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.

Our future endeavors will also include the continued work in the communities we serve, in constructing the foundations of progress toward a more equitable and just society. Educational seminars and conferences to be sponsored by CPI in the coming months, will seek to engage our communities in providing solutions for the benefit of people, both at home and abroad.

Listed below are just a sample of our extensive archive of video presentations.

The Actual Nature of Revolution

Is America The New Rome?

What is Neoliberalism?

Intro to Socialism with Chinese Characteristics

Mao Zedong & American Socialists

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